Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Track Meet

Anthony had never ran more than a mile in his life, and now he was expected to go to a track meet in his sister's place. Anthony and his older Clarissa were polar opposites, Clarissa was always on the go, running around the house to get things done, dashing around town with her friends, and when she wasn't doing either of those she was literally running around the track. Anthony hated physical exercise, he would rather chill with his friends watching Netflix or playing with his guild, the Lost Leaf, in WoW, then all of that changed the other day.

Their father was a scientist working on a secret experiment involving brain waves, one night he was tinkering around with the device when an accident caused a miss fire sending a bolt electricity throughout the house. The bolt connected to Clarissa who was about to dash out the door for her evening run and the other end connected with Anthony who was in the middle of a raid. Suddenly everything in the house went dark, and the two siblings fell unconscious.

When they came to they were in the other's bodies. Anthony awoke in Clarissa's room and Clarissa woke with her face head on Anthony's keyboard. "jhunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt6g" The screen read, then she screamed in her brother's baritone voice. On queue she heard the shrill of her voice coming from the bedroom next door.

Their father explained everything to the two, and begged them to not tell mom what had happen. All they had to do was pretend to be each other for just a week, he said, and he will have everything fixed by then. Reluctantly his two kids agreed.

Anthony hated his new breast, he missed having something to grab on to when he got horny, he deliberately avoided Clarissa's boyfriend only have Clarissa text him back for him, and worst of all he hated running. But he had a promise to keep, just for a week he would be his sister, unfortunately it was the week of the State Track Meet. But if his dad didn't fix it by then he was going to make Clarissa's life his own and hang up her cleats.

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