Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Coping Mechanism

"Good thing I can still drink," Harry said taking a whole bottle of liquor to his lips. "Because fuck everything else about this."

"Can you chill man?" Garrett asked his friend.

"Chill? You want me to chill?" Harry raised his voice. "How the fuck am I supposed to chill while your sister is running around in my body with my money and my wife? Your bitch of a sister really crossed the line this time!"

"Alright alright," Garrett said. Harry yelling from his sister's body brought back many memories of her yelling at him. He never liked seeing his sister mad. "I just don't want you to depend on alcohol."

"Depend on alcohol? I'll show you who's depending on alcohol." Harry's slurred. The former man pulled off his shirt and took another giant swig of the bottle.

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