Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Few Setbacks Part 4

I'm having fun with this series so I've decided to make it a tag for easy lookup
Arnold began his day like any other, with stretches. The nice thing is that although he had to build up his new body's muscles, her body came pre-packaged with the ability to do the splits easily, among other stretches. He assumed the old owner of his new body did a lot of yoga.

Today was different though.

Arnold had been seeing a man for a few weeks, his name was Bruce and was a fellow trainer at the gym. Bruce's body reminded Arnold so much of his old body, every contour of his figure was shaped with muscle, his jawline bold and strong, and his hair was jet black. In personality Bruce and Arnold (or Annie as Bruce knew him by) had so much in common, beginning with their passion for exercises and ending with how they liked to do it in bed.

But Bruce was a little too much like Arnold, and he caught him cheating on him with another woman last night. Just like Arnold's ex did a year ago. Arnold was pissed, the first man to ever love him since his body was stolen, he finally felt accepted as a woman. Unfortunately not, Arnold ended their relationship right then and there, kicking Bruce out of the apartment.

The former man stretched across the gym from Bruce, seeing his face disgusted him. He sneered and turned the other way. How could he do this to him? What if all men were dicks and he just never noticed it when he was one? Maybe it was time Arnold went back to women.

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