Sunday, May 1, 2016


"What's it like?" Arron's voice said through the laptop speakers.

"Amazing, my boobs are so soft," Erick said rubbing his new breast. "At first I was kinda freaked out, but now I think I've grown to like it."

"I bet! What, she was just some camgirl you were jerking off too?"

"Yep, LuckyBunny93 was her, well I guess my, screen name," he continued playing with his breast. "Since then I've learned my new name is Carolyn Connors, and she's college student living with her parents."

"Why did she do cam work then?" Arron asked, Erick could tell his best friend was using all his willpower to to suppress his boner.

"I don't know," Erick said giving his breast a huge squeeze, "maybe she found it really empowering." He continued to taunt his best friend for the rest of the night.

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