Saturday, May 28, 2016

Subject 27

"These aren't mine," Kyle said groping his enormous chest. "Why am I all wet? Where the hell am I? Who the hell am I?"

Moments ago Kyle was raiding with his guild Lost Leaf in WoW as his night elf priestess Rolith, and now suddenly he was a woman.

"Subject 27: Kyle Hendrix." The woman next to him said brushing his hair. "Seventeen years old, born in Shreveport, Louisiana. You have been randomly selected by the Meridian Corporation for Project Nomad. We apologize for the wet clothes, that body has been in cryostasis for some time now and we didn't expect the revival process to be so... dirty."

"Project Nomad? What the hell is going on here, this has to be a dream, right?" Kyle's new female voice trembled, his hands were firmly held on his new breast as if they were welded together.

"We will get to that later, but to calm your nerves in gist Project Nomad is a little experiment to see how people behave when assuming a different life. This will all be explained in detail during a formal briefing. But welcome to your new life as Annabeth Flowers, age thirty-one, from San Diego, California. Now if you would please follow me, we need to dry you off." The woman motioned to him, and began walking away. Kyle followed, hands firmly mounted on his breast in complete disbelief that they were really attached to him.

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