Friday, May 27, 2016

Practically my body

"Get the fuck out of my body!" Lindsey yelled, her voice hoarse from all the smoke in Ernest's lungs. "What makes you think you can just take it from me like that, you monster."

"Your body?" Ernest said hugging his new breast. "With all the money I poured into making you look the way you do I'd hardly call it your body anymore. Tits and ass implants, Botox, hair dresser, vagina waxing, tide tubes, and hell even a personal trainer. This body is practically mine." The man began caressing his new female form.

Lindsey was a golddigger, Ernest knew that from the moment she approached him at the country club years ago. There was no way in in hell that a young twenty-three year old woman would be into a sixty-two year old man like him. But he played her game because he had other plans. The two married six months later, and three years after that Lindsey gave birth to his child. Afterwards she began asking for different augments for her body with her husband's money. Three years later the two filed for divorce, she claimed full custody of the child and declared her child should have full inheritance of Ernest's fortune. Ernest put up a fight, but not much of one. Ernest had other plans, and once the legal work was finalized he went in and stole his ex-wife's body.

"I always knew you were in it for the money," Ernest said strapping his bra on. "But what you never considered was how a man like me ever got into a position of power of mine, and spoiler alert: it's not by playing nice." He put on a shit. "Now, if you would excuse me dear, I have to go see my son."

And like that Ernest left Lindsey forever.

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