Monday, May 2, 2016

Once a Month

"This otta get  me laid tonight," Kelvin said snapping a picture in his roommate's green dress. She was out of town so he had full access to her wardrobe. Kelvin had a secret, ever since he hit puberty he would become a girl, later woman, once a month during the full moon. He was a werewoman, it ran in the family, as his dad explained to him one night when they both were transformed.

Originally Kelvin was ashamed of it, he would often hide out in his room until the next morning, but over time he had grown to love his femininity. Tonight he was going to go all out with it, and see what it really means to be a woman, he was going to get laid.

"Oh boy, look at the time," he said, it was only 9pm. "There's only 8 hours until sunrise, I gotta make this count!"

He adjusted his bra and set off for the night.

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