Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jennifer's Body

Ben admired himself in the mirror, his female body was beginning to feel more like home. Two weeks ago the former male sat alone in his apartment after returning back from a bar, horny he began rubbing one off while scrolling through his high school ex's, Jennifer's, profile photos. She had gotten way hotter than the dorky girl she was back in their junior year, Ben had nothing but regrets for leaving her for that bitch Hilary, then after that a few more bitches before he just gave up on dating.

Now years later, Ben a lonely man in the big city three time zones away from Jennifer, sat above the busy streets below one Friday night playing with himself as he always did after a few shots of Jack, followed up with several shots at picking up women (all rejected him as usual), then he followed up his rejections with a few more rounds of Miller Light. Typical Friday. Then he was hit with the FOSE. When he came, he went, and his soul shot from Boston to Portland, his body from male to female.

The transition from man to woman and from Ben to Jennifer was rough, but once he came to terms with the situation he made Jennifer's body his body. So he got a few tats, dyed his hair, began dressing the way he wanted a woman to dress, and most importantly, as the new Jennifer he was sure he never went home alone again.

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