Sunday, May 8, 2016


Chief Wannotok sat on the sacred rock meditating. He could feel every inch of his body change, from his bones restructuring, his hips widening, the sudden breeze between his legs as his penis and testicles retracted inwards. His hair began to drape over his neck and his excess bell fat drifted upwards towards his pecks.

In a few days the chief's wife was due for their first born child. And like with all children it would take a village to raise. As with tradition of the tribe, Chief Wannotok consumed a native plant that reversed the gender of the consumer, and retreated to a sacred meditation spot. It would be a means to give his lovely wife a break and serve as the wet nurse for his new born child. To their tribe gender was meaningless, what a child needed wasn't a father or a mother, but two loving parents.

After the transformation the chief retreated from the sacred spot, born a new woman, just in time for her first newborn child.

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