Friday, May 6, 2016

Anniversary Night

"Oh my, you look absolutely beautiful tonight Laura," Ted exclaimed to his wife. "What a dress for our anniversary."

"And you look very handsome yourself da-Ted," she said. "Are you ready for our romantic night out on town?"

"Am I ever sweetie," Ted took her hand and kissed it. "The kids are at Megan's house so it's just you and I all night long."

"Great, then let's make it worth it," she said taking his hand and smiling.

What Ted did know was that inside his second wife's body was the soul of his eldest Son, Garth. Garth was the oldest of three and didn't want his younger siblings to grow up without a loving mother and father. Garth had taken control of her body as a way to divorce the two and have his father leave that bitch Laura and return to Garth's mom.

Little did Garth know was just how smooth his father was with women of all types, and he would later instead end up with his father deep inside him during their second year anniversary.

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