Monday, May 30, 2016

Agents of S.H.I.F.T. - Observe & Report

Avery stood astute by the pool, hands on her hips and looking outwards like a sentry. The shifter was wearing a new type of morph suit, this one lighter and able to mold itself into any type of one piece clothing needed for the assignment. Avery spied the other shifter assigned with her across the pool: Riley, the recruit, laying on his back and bathing in the sun in his two piece suit.

The shifters' mission was nothing more than reconnaissance this time, which is why a newbie like Riley was able to work along side the experienced shifter. Intel had it that a prominent member of the Tramoggia Corpo, a gang of body hoppers known to terrorize the streets of LA, was staying at the hotel in the body of a young woman and whoring her body out for the 'debts' she owed them.

Avery's eyes were peeled, scanning the entire poolside and the tiki bar. After a few minutes Avery returned to the other agent.

"You know you can't just stand there like that," Riley said from his new favorite body. He was wearing a colorful strapless bikini and sunglasses.

"Like what?" Avery asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"Like that, with your hands on your hips. You look too uptight, like a lifeguard or a secret service agent. No one with that hot of a body would be that uptight. A girl as sexy as you should be relaxing and working on her tan," Riley lied back down on his towel.

"Listen here agent," Avery said. "I'm the senior agent here, I've been working for SHIFT before you ever made your first transformation. You are here to observe and report, not give me orders."

"I think you're wrong about that. How long have you been with SHIFT?"

"That's classified," Avery said.

"You must be pretty old then," Riley said pulling up his sunglasses and looking his superior in the eyes/ "I'll just have you know I've been able to do full body shifts since I was three. So you're either really old, or you're full of BS."

"Watch your mouth recruit," Avery's voice began to raise. "We got a mission to do, and I'm not going to have it ruined by a smart mouthed newbie."

"You're right." Riley said pulling his sunglasses down. "We should probably get back to work. Mind if I take a turn over near the bar?"

"Sure," Avery said, "it'll get you out of my face for a while. Just don't drink!"

"Bye bye," Riley waved smiling all the way. He might not be the the superior agent, but he sure loved pushing Avery's buttons.

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