Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I got the power now

"Yeah, this is more like it." Tim said juggling his new breast, "it looks like I have the power now. And it feels reeeeaaaalllll good."

"Stop it, stop playing with my breast!" Katherine shouted with her nephew's cracking voice. "How did you even do this?"

Katherine had babysitted her nephew all day while his parents were out, the day had gone as planned. She took him out for lunch, went to the park with him, and she even saw the new Captain America movie with Tim despite her distaste for superhero movies. She was a good aunt, but it appeared her nephew wasn't as sweet as she thought he was.

"Shhh, now isn't the time for questions," the former 13 year old body felt a warm sensation between his new female legs. His new female hormones began taking control. "I think when mom, ahem, I mean my sister gets heres, I'm going to invite your boyfriend over for a little fun time."

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