Friday, May 6, 2016

Freaky Friday!

Let''s talk about the blog.

Who do you want me to shift in to?

Who do you wnna to be?

What kind of body swapping. shapeshifting power do you need?

Leave a message in the comments and it might become a full post!


  1. Bodyswap with a genie!!!

  2. Shape shifting to seduse a best friend

  3. How about a man who turns into anyone he touches, uncontrollably. It's made him very socially shy since he can't come in contact with anyone — until he gets a girlfriend who's really understanding and will sleep with him anyway, despite the shapeshifting.

  4. Guy who is part succubus, so he looks like a normal man, but can shapeshift into women and seduce men to gain more power

  5. 1-I want you to shift into Jessica nigri 2-can you continue that series with her


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