Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Agents of S.H.I.F.T. - The Honey Pot

"He's wearing a red polo, his name is James Smith but prefers to go by Jamie. He prefers his woman in heels and expose as much skin as possible while still showing class. You got that Agent Riley?" The voice in the phone said.

"Yes ma'am," Riley said, "I've already assumed the shape."

"Perfect," the voice continued, "your mission is simple. Gather as much intelligence on him as possible, from his passwords to his DNA."

"Can I ask why I have to sleep with this fifty-something year old man?" Riley asked.

"Fifty-eight," the voice corrected the agent, "didn't you read the dossier?"

"Yeah, yeah, I did," Riley asked. "I'm just curious why Jame Smith is important."

"You were given everything you are supposed to know Agent Riley, you don't need to know anything else."

"Fine," Riley said, "I'll be the bitch in this situation." The shapeshifter hung up the phone and approached the bar across the street, looking for one James Smith. "Because I certainly won't enjoy this." He muttered.

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