Sunday, April 17, 2016


"I finally found you, you bitch!" Trevor shouted at the woman, "now give me back my wife!"

"Too late," the woman said, "you should have paid off your debt when you had the chance. Now the interest rate would be so high it would take you a lifetime to pay us back."

Three years ago Trevor had fallen into financial ruin. The once big shot Hollywood agent had gotten to confident in his investments, which led to him over investing time and energy into various people and projects. He needed money bad, but with his now terrible credit score no bank would grant him a loan, so he turned to the underworld of LA. That was when he discovered the Tramoggia Corpo, a mob of body hoppers who ran the underworld of city. His confidence had gotten the best out of him again, he took a large loan from the gang and put his wife down as collateral, he was pretty sure he could pay them back within the time frame they gave him, after all he had gone from rags to riches once before, he could do it again. He was wrong.

Now for the first time since then he was face to face with his wife's body, and inside of it was the soul of The Don of the gang.

"Plus," The Don said petting his dog, "your wife's body is too perfect. I plan on keeping it until her boobs get saggy."

"You son of a bitch!" Trevor said pacing his way towards The Don.

"Not so fast Trevor," The Don said, "haven't you forgotten about the restraining order we got in the divorce?"

Trevor halted.

"Now if you would kindly excuse me, I would like to get back to my walk. Come on boy," The Don said to the dog, "lets get moving."

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