Monday, August 15, 2016

A little too far

Aaron was beginning to think his fantasy was going a little too far. His girlfriend, Harley, and him were into some really kinky stuff, things that make Fifty Shades of Grey child splay in comparison.

Aaron and Harley had a rape fetish. Nothing turned Harley on more than the thought of being tied up and forced to submit to her lover in ways she could never think of. Aaron got hard thinking of physically forcing her to do twisted sexual acts. It was fucked up, it was dirty, and it was proof that the two of them were made for each other.

Overtime the fantasy got dry. Aaron began running out of ways to "kidnap" and restrain Harley, and Harley was beginning to get used to it all. Nothing was surprising her anymore. That was until Aaron found a way to swap their bodies.

Tonight was their first night in their new roles. Aaron the defenseless damsel who had no choice but to submit to her capture, and Harley the abusive abductor. It had started fine with Aaron being dragged off the couch and into the guest bedroom and being tied down and being forcefully penetrated in every hole in Harley's body. But as it went on Harley's true desires began to show. She tied her boyfriend up, duct taped his mouth shut and blindfold him and forced him into the back of the trunk. She drove across the city to a run down motel she had reserved earlier that day, and threw him onto the bed.

Aaron had never seen such raw desire in anyone's eyes, and he had never felt so desired before in his life. He was scared of what Harley would do with desire that strong, he wanted back into his old body before it got into his new one first.

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