Friday, August 19, 2016


"Get me in that shot what don't ya?" Brian (blonde) said.

"Calm your tits dude, of course I'm going to include you, it looks great for our brand," Zach (brunette) said adjusting the camera. "Say big tits!"

"Big tits!"

Zach and Brian dropped out of school. They were entreprising young men who explored every business opportunity they could. First they offered rides to freshmen to school, next the worked on a school magazine, then another a landscaping business. All were complete failures.

Then one day the duo so happened to find themselves in the bodies of Melissa (blonde) and Erin (brunette), two straight A students in their high school. Melissa and Erin had plans to go to Yale and major in law or whatever. Zach and Brian didn't care, what Melissa and Erin never noticed about themselves was that they had the sexiest bodies in school, and with the sexiest bodies came a great business opportunity for Zach and Brian.

So they dropped out of all of their classes, botched their SATs and application letters, and opened a porn studio.

Say what you will about law degrees, but Zach and Cody easily became the most successful business women in their city.

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