Friday, August 12, 2016


"Motherfucker!" The voice yelled on the other side of the headphones. It belonged to a player with the screen name RadBrad02, and it was squeaky and cracked often, he was probably around Blake's original age. "Fuck you, you little bitch! How the fuck did you even land that shot? You hacker cunt! I will fucking fuck your mom for that bullshit!"

"You wanna fuck me?" Blake said through the mic. There was silence on the other end, he always took joy out of guys online going quiet after hearing a woman's voice.

"Who the fuck are you?" RadBrad02 called out.

"I'm my mom," Blake's voice was calm and cool. "You said you wanna fuck me right?"

"No fucking way you are, I've played against RighteousFury before and I can tell you two things about him: he's a crybaby little bitch and he's definitely not a girl!"

"Things have changed since our last match Brad. So do you still you wanna fuck me? My offer still stands."

"Whatever, I'm muting you you cunt." The mic cutoff.

Blake couldn't hold in his laughter anymore, he let it all out. He finally got on Brad's nerves, and all it took was being his mom. That certainly made his day better, which had been a strange day already.

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