Monday, August 8, 2016

Can I tell you a secret? Part 3

Where we last saw the roommates. 

Sean lied on the couch. He was wearing an new body and new lingerie he bought just for it. Unlike every other body he wore for Eric, this one was 100% custom made, made to be everything Eric desired physically in a woman. From the shape of her face to the tightness of her pussy, Sean had become the perfect woman for Eric.

Tonight marked the one year anniversary of Sean revealing his secret to his unsuspecting roommate. He would become any woman Eric requested because Sean knew how much more fun women had in bed, and more importantly he knew how great Eric was under the sheets. Over time Sean and Eric became exclusive, Eric stopped bringing women over because he had a roommate who would let him fuck any woman he wanted.

Sean admired his form again, smiling at his masterpiece, he called her Sara. Honestly he wouldn't mind staying as Sara for a long time. He never considered himself gay, and maybe it wasn't gay if you only slept with your male roommate as a woman, and at this point in his life he had more sex with a vagina than with a penis, but he was really falling for Eric. Eric and Sara, what a lovely couple. He thought to himself.

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