Friday, August 26, 2016


"Walking with boobs is hard," the SnapText said. It was sent from Hilary's phone, but Ben knew it was really from his friend Hunter. "Here, let me show you ;)"

Ben couldn't type "Don't do it!" fast enough into his phone before he received a purple box in his Snapchat from "Hilary."

He opened it revealing a video of his sister in her bra, smiling and walking with the camera centered on her breasts bouncing up and down, up and down with Hilary's face grinning all the way.

Hunter had been doing this all week! Somehow Hilary and Hunter woke up in each other's body's, and ever since then Hunter had been unleashing his perverted teenage mind all over it. Hunter quickly came clean with his friends, including Ben, about the situation and had been sending snaps of all his adventures as a college aged girl with his friends, including Ben! They used to be best friends, and would often hangout at Ben's place after school, but now whenever Ben came home the closest thing they had to a conversation was the sounds of Hilary's moans coming from her room as Hunter masturbated all afternoon long before their parents came home.

He wanted his sister back.

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  1. Wheres the gif from if you dont mind me asking


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