Thursday, August 4, 2016

House Cleaning

"Steven, is that really you?" Kimmy said approaching a face she hadn't worn in over a year. The woman at the palm tree looked over and smiled. Kimmy's heart stopped, it was really her. Well her old body that is. "Holy shit Steven, that really is you! What did you do to my body? I look- I look h-"

"Hot?" Steven leaned against the palm tree. "And what I think you meant is that you look hot. This body isn't yours anymore."

"I just don't know what to say..." Kimmy was dumbfounded. When she abandoned her body over a year ago it was chunky and severely overweight, like 240 lbs overweight. She left it for Steven's, who was fit and much lighter than her. Kimmy chose a male body thinking her life would be a lot easier since men were way less judgmental than woman. Now standing before her was a beautiful woman with fantastic tits who only looked familiar to her only in the face.

"Amazing isn't it?" Steven continued, "How having a little self control and discipline can take you a long way. Your body was disgusting Kimmy, like a house that hadn't been cleaned in years. I hated every moment living inside of it, until I got so fed up with all the filth that I decided to do a little house cleaning.

"You know what's great about house cleaning? You get to discover treasures you never thought you had. Like damn girl, you had a rockin pair of tits and all you had to do was work for them. Instead you ran away, ran away into the body of some tourist. But hey, looking how you're treating my old body it looks like you might not be that far away from having tits yourself."

"How about we trade back?" Kimmy pleaded.

"Fuck you. I'd never give this body up."

"Hey Kim!" A male voice shouted from behind Kimmy. "You ready to go to the shores?"

"Who's that?" Kimmy asked her old body.

"Oh you wouldn't know him, that's Anthony. He's new here. Coming love!" Steven shouted. "And he's my new boyfriend." With that Steven-as-Kimmy left his old body behind hoping into Anthony's truck.

"B-b-boyfriend?" Kimmy muttered. She never had a boyfriend...

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