Thursday, August 25, 2016

Peeping Tom Part 4

Oh no! I thought I published this entry a long time ago. Well consider this your lucky day readers.

Peeping Tom now has its own tag, and I've added a new tag to the blog: make over. For stories about people completely changing their lives after inhabiting a new body. (Like in House Cleaning)

Part 3

You know how in those 80's teen movies there was always an ugly girl that underwent a transformation into a more beautiful and confident version of herself with the help of her friends?

Becky was that girl, and Tom was her friend.

The thing Tom loved most about the camera, other than the obvious perks of becoming anyone he wants, was that no matter what choices he made in the bodies he possessed, once he left they believed they made all those choices.

Tom had made a lot of choices in different women's bodies, none of which he regretted and he often left them better off than before. For example, Allison, a girl he was a few bodies ago, had an extremely shitty boyfriend. He treated her like crap and would often sneak out and cheat on her with another woman (Tom knew this because he was that other woman before Allison). He broke up with her abusive boyfriend and found her a man who actually loved her and treated her well.

But Becky was his masterpiece, and like most masterpieces it took a lot of time and effort. Five months of effort, the longest Tom ever remained in one body. Pre-Tom Becky had major social anxiety issues, talking to anyone other than her sister would raise her heart rate to that of a sprinter's. She worked from home and only wore her favorite color: a dark purple. She was putting on weight around her midsection and only showered when she needed to (usually when she met up with her sister).

Tom had to give her a lot of new habits, and a new wardrobe. And both take time to form.

Post-Tom Becky was a confident young woman who had no issues with people she didn't know. He shaved away her belly fat but managed to keep it where it mattered most, her tits. Tom bought her new clothes and made sure to walk around town as confident as possible. He even found MeetUp groups in the area and got her a few friends. Five months of work, five months of showing Becky her true potential. He ended it as the ultimate wing man, he approached the hottest guy at the club, hit it up with him and once the deal was sealed he pulled his camera out of her purse and snapped a photo of a random girl on the dance floor. He wanted Becky to be the one who slept with her first man in years. He figured he could get laid as any girl, but Becky can only be laid as Becky.

That night he celebrated his success in his new body with another random dude he met at the bar.

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