Thursday, August 11, 2016


See Part 1 of Harold's adventure here.

Nice rack, Harold thought admiring his mount's breast. I haven't seen a pair this perfect in so long!

"Are you okay Sid?" The young man next to Harold asked.

"I'm fine, just checking to see if I still have any tan lines." Harold looked up from his breasts into the young man's eyes.

There's something about hormones that can really override one's thoughts. No matter how powerful of a body hopper you are, male or female, hormones will always win. Harold was immediately struck by the young man's handsome looks, his jawline was so square and masculine. His eyes so blue and soft. And his body. His body was to Harold to what his mount's breasts were to the man next to him, it was so perfect and hard. Harold had never wanted a man inside him so much before in his life.

"You look fine," the man continued.

"Are you sure?" Harold asked?

"Yes, perfectly fine."

"Here, how about you check for me?" Harold told the young man's hand and placed it on his breast. "Take a peak, feel around, make sure there are no tan marks."

A little tent began to pitch inside that man's swim suit. His hormones began to override him. Harold felt the man's hands as they began caressing his breasts.

"Wait," Harold said removing the man's hands from his breasts. "Not here, how about we go somewhere a little more private?" He stood up, taking one of the man's hands and led him to a secluded part of the beach. They were both slaves to their body's hormones, and neither would like it any other way.

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