Wednesday, August 17, 2016


"I look so fucking hot!" Keenan said. "I suppose Annie's training was totally worth it."

Keenan was an unfortunate soul. A few months ago he lost his body in the FOSE to Julia, a girl he hadn't seen since high school. Apparently she had a thing for him because at one moment he was out getting a few beers with his buds, and the next he was orgasming with his Facebook page opened and three fingers up his new vagina.

Julia hadn't changed since high school, she was the same old overweight girl with the same old confidence issues. And Keenan couldn't stand it! After accepting the reality of his new life he began looking into fitness programs to lose all the excess weight Julia put on since graduation. After weeks of searching he finally found the perfect instructor, Annie. She was a personal trainer who just got Keenan's situation, he didn't know how but he felt a connection between him and her. Within a few months he shed away all of Julia's weight and put on a few pound of real muscle.

"Goddamn I wish I was a guy again, because I'd fuck me all day long." He said snapping a photo for his Instagram.


  1. Ahhh the classic "bate while looking at photos on your crush's Facebook page~

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  3. Love caps involving fitness women.


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