Thursday, August 25, 2016

Getting Old

Henry sat down topless in front of the webcam for his eighteenth time that month and began playing his tits.

Nineteen days ago Henry had been a lonely single thirty-something male who was going through a rough patch with a recent breakup from his girlfriend. As a means of coping with the breakup his masturbation habits became an addiction, nightly he'd jerk off to some random cam girl.

However one night an FOSE struck him. Suddenly, at the peak of climax, he found himself wearing the body of the beautiful girl he came too. To the outside viewer the live feed went from a girl taunting her tits in front of thousands of strangers to a very confused woman in shock of having breasts at all.

Henry had worked a lot of crappy jobs before in his life, but with the lifestyle his new body had the only way he could make ends meet was to continue her side-gig of being a cam girl. So every night Henry would log on, and dance topless to thousands of horny men just like he used to be, in order to make a few more bucks. After eighteen nights the job began getting old.

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