Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Dave stood by the limo as the private jet roared on up the tarmac. The gust from the jet engines was enough to blow off Dave's footing, but he was a professional and professionals do not budge.

The bodyguard was given a brief memo today from the CEO of Meridian International, Charles Vincent, that his experiment had been a complete success and that his most trusted bodyguard, Dave, should be expecting him to arrive in a different form, and that he is under strict orders to trust that no matter what, if a person comes up to him today claiming to be Charles Vincent, to act towards them as if they are Charles Vincent. It must have been one crazy experiment.

The plane halted a few feet from the limo and lowered the staircase. Out walked a beautiful woman, she was dressed in a designer dress and walked with more power and confidence than any woman Dave had met before in his life.

"Dave," she said approaching the car. "Nice to see you again. How do I look?"

"Excuse me miss, I don't believe we've met." Dave said sternly.

"Did you not get the memo?"

"I did get a memo."

"Did you get the second memo?"

"I only got one miss."

"You didn't get the second memo?" She said pulling out her phone. "Somebody's getting fired it looks like." She typed out a quick email and put her phone back into her purse. "Problem solved. Now Dave, what did the first memo say?"

"To treat anyone who claims to be Mr. Vincent as if they are Mr. Vincent today."

"Good, good. Well Dave, I am Mr. Vincent. The boys in the lab have been helping me find a fountain of youth. This is the answer, a brand new body!" Charles said. "This should have been explained in the second memo with a detailed report. This body is only temporary for now, she's just some random model we paid off, thought I'd give the female form a spin for a weekend to see what it's like. But this is the answer Dave, we solved death! This calls for a little celebration, don't ya think?"

"I agree Mis-ter Vincent," Dave gulped. "Where too?"

"The usual of course," Charles said setting himself into the rear seat of the limo. "Oh, and you can call my Charlie."

"Of course Charlie."

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