Tuesday, August 23, 2016

PSA: Your Vote Matters

Just a quick PSA, if you can please vote on the check marks at the bottom of each post. (The ones that say Funny, Interesting, Hot, and More). They really help me figure out what kind of content you all like. Your vote might not matter this November during the election, but do they matter here.



  1. You might want to have a negative reaction as well, just to make sure you have a more accurate read on the mood

  2. I've made sure to throw in the odd vote here and there for any I particularly like!
    It's an odd preference, but the meta tag is a personal favorite. There's just something about showing off a borrowed body for your fans (even if it's just whatever hot gif of the day you found :P)

    Also, I'll second the negative option, if nothing else to get a better feel for your audience. By all means, write what you like, but if you want honest opinions, a "not my thing" or similar might be a good idea.


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