Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Aphrodite Part 4 - Reunion

Once Edward arrived stateside he became aware of just how sexy he now was. Heads turned with each step he took, both male and female. He knew that deep in their minds they were all in disbelief of how so much beauty, how so much lust, could be held in just one woman. But nobody was in more disbelief than his granddaughter April.

"Is this some sort of joke?" April's voice was stern as a rock. "Just who are you really?"

"What were you expecting? Ken told you everything, it's really me, your Grandpa Eddie!"

"This is bullshit, I'm outta here."

Earlier that week Edward had Ken arrange a reunion with April. Edward always had s soft spot for her, of all his grandchildren she held his sense of adventure and open mindedness the most. Ken explained everything to April, and over the phone she seemed open enough to the possibility of her grandfather's transformation. So they went forward with their plans.

"Wait, just wait a minute April!" Edward caught his granddaughter by the elbow. "Even if you don't believe me right now, just humor me and let's get some lunch."

"Ugh, fine!" April sighed and went with the woman claiming to be her grandfather to the restaurant.


It took a while (and a few drinks) to convince April of her grandfather's recent transformation. The thing with women, Edward learned, is that they were unswayed by his new powers of persuasion. Only men could be seduced by the powers of Aphrodite, women saw him as an equal now.

"I cannot believe your tits are larger than mine!" April said a few margarita's later. "How do you walk with those?"

"It's just the blessing of the gods I suppose," Edward took a sip of his whiskey, neat. His body might have changed, but his drink preferences will always be the same. "This is why I've come to you my dear April. I need you help in teaching me to be a woman. I've gotten by so far, but I have no idea what to really do. Can you help your Grandpa Eddie?"

"Your check ladies," the waiter said handing the two their checks. Edward eyed the price, $98.76!

"I believe you've been mistaken sir," Edward said handing him the check. "But I think the decimal is supposed to be closer to the right."

"Oh yes, of course. I'll fix it up right away!" The waiter said acting completely unfazed, but Edward knew what he had done.

"We can start with you wardrobe," April said. She hadn't noticed.

"Are you suggesting a shopping spree?" Edward cheered.

"Yes, you're a woman now, you're going to need a lot more clothes. Let's go shopping!"

"Your check again ladies, so sorry for the mistake." The waiter returned the check. It was marked at $9.88 this time. Edward smiled and handed the waiter a $20.

"Keep the change," he said. "Now let's go shopping!"

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