Tuesday, August 30, 2016

You mean this drink is for me?

"You mean this drink is for me?" Nick asked the nice guy.

"Yes, it's all yours. Cheers!" The strange man held up his glass. Nick took a second to realize he was signalling him to lift up his as well.

"Cheers!" Nick said and promptly chugged the delicious drink, because that's what grown up did in movies.

Earlier that day Nick, only twelve years old, found himself in a strange situation. Somehow him and his oldest sister, Emily (22 years old), found themselves in each other's bodies. A few hours later Emily's friends dragged Nick out to a lady's night at their favorite bar.

It only took seconds for Nick to be offered a drink, and then as the night went on he found himself being overwhelmed with drink offers. The more he drank the more he wanted to drink, and the more he drank the more he found the guys offering him drinks cuter and cuter. By the end of the night Emily's friends found Nick at the back of the bar with a man all over his face and his hands all over his tits. Nick was having a really good night.

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