Saturday, August 27, 2016

Down in the Dumps

James kept and eye out for cops, children or other passer's boy all the while trying to look sexy for his client. It wasn't an easy trying to focus while being penetrated by a seven inch dick, but he tried his best.

James was down in the dumps. His company went under, and he couldn't find a job anywhere, leaving him, his wife, and their three children in some serious debt. But he never told them that. In desperation he used his shapeshifting ability and took up a new job, that of a high end prostitute. He played both pimp and prostitute in his operation. He'd find a guy willing to pay, approach him as Donnie, the "pimp." He's show them an assortment of photos of his "girls." Have his client choose one, then arrive as that girl later that day.

Usually the men would bring James home, their houses littered with photos of the men and their so called happy families. He's fuck them, then leave. But apparently his client today had a slip up, his wife got the flu and was home sick, so James had to ride with him to a back alley and fuck out of site. James didn't like it, too risky, but the man was offering him a good sum and more for the inconvenience, and James needed the money. So he let the man ride him while James tried his hardest to focus for cops.

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