Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I think it's kicking in... Part 2: Coffee

"Hey babe," Danny said sipping his morning coffee. His rough male voice still hadn't changed since the initial transformation. 
"Hey," Catherine said to the former man, "did you make me a cup?"
"Yeah," Danny pointed to the counter, "right over there."
"Thanks," she paced across the room. Ever since the transformation a month ago she had been treating him like this, distant and disappointed. After their little experiment Caleb had transformed back, but whatever allergic reaction Danny had had caused him to be stuck in his female form, still partially transformed.
"So I read online that the plant you and Caleb ate sometimes takes a while to leave the body entirely, since the men would use it to birth children."

"So you think I'll have to wait another eight months?" 

"Maybe..." Catherine sat down next to Danny. "I really hope so, I really hope so. I miss having a boyfriend."

"Trust me," Danny said taking her hand, "I'll figure this out."

"In the meantime," Catherine looked him in the eye, "can you at least work on your voice?"

What do you think should happen with Danny and Catherine? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I think Catherine should try to get more into the relationship, even while Danny's a woman. Or maybe Danny tries to take a new pill to counteract the effects, but it has negative results... Like he transforms into a double of Catherine, or maybe he splits into two Dannys.


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