Monday, April 4, 2016

I don't know her name

"I still don't even know her name," Brendan said.

"But holy shit man, that's seriously you in her body?" His friend Keven said on Facetime.

"One hundred percent!" He grinned.

"How long have been her?"

"Lets see, when I got in the shower it was 9am, now it's 10:30am, so around three hours."

"Jesus Christ, how did it feel?"

"Amazing!" Brenden sang. "She was kind enough to provide me with a vibrator too!"

"Can I see your- her, uhh, your new assets?"

"You want to see your best friend naked? Are you gay or something?" Brenden said.

"Fuck you, don't tease me like that!"

"Well, I suppose a peak won't hurt." Brenden said dropping his towel to the floor.

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