Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shapeshifting Roommate

"So how do I look?" Zach said standing at the door.

"Like you've never seen a girl go to the shower," his roommate Austin snarked. "Also, could you please change your voice? Your male voice is throwing me off..."

"What do you mean?" Zach said, his voice as silky smooth as Scarlett Johansson's now.

"Your tits are showing and you wrapped the towel around you waist, like seriously have you never seen any pictures of a girl in a towel?"

"Look," Zach said awkwardly attempting a confident pose against the door, "this power is new to me. I didn't ask for this I just got it, and I'm doing both of us a favor by sneaking up to the girls floor right above us. You're lucky you got a shapeshifting roommate, hell you're luck you got a shapeshifting roommate with you in a co-ed dorm! Now let me do what I said I was going to do."

"Look buddy," Austin said, "it's fine if you've never been laid or seen a girl topless before because you're Mormon. But you got to cover up, you're about to walk down the guy's hall and take an elevator."

"Stairs," Zach corrected, "I'll be taking the stairs."

"Fine stairs," Austin continued, "you'll be taking the stairs where your boobs will jiggle even more. That won't help! Oh god..."


"Please don't tell me you kept your dick beneath that towel..."

"No, why would you ever think that!" Zach raised his voice. Suddenly an erection sprang between his legs.

"Jesus Christ dude, you're going to make me barf."

"Relax man, I'm just fucking with you!" The tent retracted all the way down.

"Fuck you man, are you going to get the pictures or what?" Austin said he picked up a shoe and tossed it towards his roommate. The shoe missed.

"Holy shit," Zach said, "is that how you treat a lady?"

"Just fucking go and get the pictures," Austin said sitting down on his bed, "why is it that the stupid home schooled Mormon got the power to shapeshift and not me?'

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