Thursday, April 14, 2016

Inside Jessica Nigri Part 3 - Let me Explain Everything

This is part 3, and the end of the "first season" of the Inside Jessica Nigri series. I wrote all three of these parts in one night, as fun as they were I need a break! Thank you again for the suggestion Contant payne, you sent me on a wild ride. For more of the series click on the "Inside Jessica Nigri" label at the bottom of this post.

"Let me explain everything," Charlie said. "I only have twelve minutes until the spell wears off, so whatever I can't say now I'll follow up with you tomorrow morning."

All Cameron could do was stare. Charlie had got him good, possible too good, for a second he thought he gave his best friend a heart attack.

"After I told you I was going to get as close to possible I began researching for ways to get to Arizona without my parents. After months of searching I found nothing until I stumbled upon this book on astral-projection. Desperate I decided to order it online. You following me here Cameron?"

His friend nodded.

"I took the book and tried out various spells, none of which did much. Usually I could float around above my body for a few minutes then suddenly I was awake. That was until I found this set of spells deep into the book about how to poses people, each one of different strengths. I tried a few on my brother, then later your mom (remember the time you were grounded for the weekend?) and then when I was confident in my ability I used the strongest one on Jessica tonight. And here we are!"

"Wait," Cameron snapped out of his trance, "that was you who grounded me for losing the remote?"

His friend nodded causing Jessica's breast to bounce.

"Holy shit man," Cameron said, "you won!"

"You deserve something though," Charlie as Jessica said, "here, let me send you a special something as a 'Runner Up' prize instead." Charlie looked at the clock, "Oh, gotta hurry up, only two more minutes left."

Charlie dashed out of the room. A few seconds later Cameron's phone buzzed.
"Ta-da, Jessica's breast. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have tonight! xoxo" The text read.

Charlie ran back into the room. "Did you get it?"

"Hell yeah dude you fucking won!"

"Now you owe me," Charlie said.

"For what?"

"The show I put on tonight, you'll be telling your grand kids about it."

Cameron looked back at the text and noticed the time. "Uhh, hey Charlie."


"You said two minutes until the spell wore off right?"

"Yeah, that's why I had to make it fast."

"Well..." Cameron didn't know how to say this, "it's been four minutes since you sent me that text..."

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