Monday, April 11, 2016

Aaron and Sophia

So this is who Sophia left me for, Aaron thought as the stranger above him pounded his borrowed vagina. He's not bad, bigger than me for sure.

Sophia and Aaron were and entangled soul, which meant that even though they were separate minds they could swap with each other whenever they wanted. The two had grown up in different countries, Aaron in Canada, and Sophia in France. Since the two had hit puberty they were able to switch bodies with the other at will, and even though the two hadn't met in person they used the other's body for personal uses all the time. However, as time went on, the two decided to move to London together to see how compatible the two really were. Despite their entangled souls they Canadian and the French girl had nothing in common, after a year and a half they ended their relationship (despite the hot sex).

The two had left each other alone for a while, but after a few months Aaron wanted to know who his ex was seeing. So he swapped their bodies one night after a few drinks at a local pub, he wanted to give Sophia a hard time finding her way back to his place until he let her have her body back. Once he swapped her found himself being penetrated by Sophia's newest boyfriend. After only having sex with himself as Sophia he decided he would be borrowing her body until sunrise, he wanted to see if this guy really had what it took to please the body of the girl his soul was entangled to.

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