Sunday, April 3, 2016

Under Dressed

"Aren't you a little under dressed?" Avery asked the girl sitting across the table from him.

"Haha, didn't your mom ever tell you to never criticize a lady's looks, especially on your first date?" The girl laughed.

"Alright then," Avery said, "it's just that on your Tinder profile you seemed a little more modest in your looks. It just looks like you're planning on going to a rave later tonight, not really what I was expecting."

"Well a girl can have her wild side too."

"So," Avery went on, "tell me a little bit about yourself Monica."

"Well, where do I begin I'm..."

Aaron went on and on bullshitting 100% of the way about who this 'Monica' girl was. As a body hopper it was mentally taxing to always be learning over and over again about the many lives he had inhabited since discovering his powers over a century ago. Sure he'd gotten used to it by now, you learn how to act quickly when you have a hundred years of experience under you belt, but sometimes he would just say "Fuck it!" And inhabit a random person's body and go on a first date. That was the best part of first dates, you could say whatever you wanted any anybody would believe you. Earlier today he hopped into Monica's body and began immediately going through her Tinder. He needed a break.

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