Friday, April 22, 2016

I think it's kicking in.... Part 1: A New Drug

"Uhh Danny, I think it's kicking in," Caleb's voice cracked. His vocal chords were still morphing making him sound like he was going through puberty all over again.

"I'm feeling it too man," Danny said from across the room, he look so far away, "Jesus Christ the room is spinning faster than a UFO." Danny's body began to morph, his hair growing longer, his chubby body began readjusting its mass.

The two friends had recently discovered a legendary plant from the Amazon that would reverse the consumer's gender as long as it was still in their system. Legend said that long ago Amazon tribes would use this plant like how modern society uses caffeine today. Women would take it to transform into men to help with hunting, and men would use it either to birth children or become wet nurses for their wives. Now it was being used by two curious twenty-somethings wanting to get high on something really exotic, in Chicago.

"How do I look?" Caleb asked, his voice fully feminine now. He flipped his hair. "I've always want to do that."

Danny burped, "Fuck man, I think I might be allergic to that shit." His body was mostly transformed, his voice still the same.

Danny pulled out his phone to look at himself, "Heh, at least I look pretty hot. But what the fuck is up with my eyes? Oh god I'm going to barf."

The former man dashed to the kitchen sink and hurled his lunch straight down the drain.

"Goddammit!" Danny shouted, "how long is this supposed to last?"

"Depends on your metabolism," Caleb said fondling himself, "but the website said up to 16 hours per leaf."

"How many did I eat?" Danny still hugged the sink.

"Lets see, I had three, so that's 48 hours for me. Since you're a larger guy than me you thought it would be best to double it, so that's six for you. So if your body weight doesn't slow it down, you're looking at an upper limit of four days."

"Fuck my life," the former man said, letting out his breakfast this time. His voice still hadn't changed.

"Hey, I hope your feel better and everything soon, but I really want to give my new vagina a test drive. Mind if I use your girlfriend's vibrator?"

"Yeah go for it, just wash it off when you're done."

"Sweet!" Caleb squealed and dashed upstairs for some privacy.

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