Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Amanda & Ryan

"Oh my god, you cat is so adorable!" Ryan giggled, "what's her name again?"

"His name is Noodles," Amanda said tapping her foot anxiously. Ryan was having too much fun in his borrowed form.

"Hehe," Ryan laughed, "I think Noodles thinks I'm you."

"It's because you are me," Amanda was losing her patience. "Now can you get your ass to my interview?"

She had called up her cousin Ryan when she learned he was visiting New York to help her with her job interviews. Amanda had been unemployed for a few weeks now and suffered from crippling social anxiety, which made job interviews impossible for her. The job in question was a telecommute job, perfect for her lifestyle, but the interview was in person. Frantically she had to find a way to nail the interview without having a breakdown, so she turned online where she found a device that said it could turn anybody you want into a perfect copy of whoever, she was skeptical but it was a case of desperate times. A few days later the device arrived in an Amazon box with the label "Fragile, handle with care." She ripped it open to discover what looked like a skull with crystal eyes.

So when Amanda discovered her socialite cousin she hadn't seen in years was visiting the city to catch up with some college friends, she asked him to come over. It didn't take long to convince Ryan to agree, she always did admire his adventurous spirit. After the transformation and a few practice interviews he was ready to go, until the cat jumped next to her twin.

"Fine, fine, I'll go," Ryan said in a mocking voice, "but can I take him with me. Pretty please?" Her twin's eyes went all doey, Ryan's bubbly personality made her look so pretty. Suddenly she was filled with envy. She had never seen her face so pretty, not even in the mirror.

"Enough games Ryan," Amanda said, she was on the verge of yelling, "you can play with Noodles when you get back."

"Alright fine," Ryan said picking up Amanda's purse, "I'll get you that job then afterwards you owe me. Maybe something like a night on town as 'twins.'"

"Yeah sure, whatever."

"Love you cuz!" Ryan said blowing a kiss with Amanda's lips as he closed the door.

What neither of them knew at that time was that a few minutes after Ryan left for the interview that Noodle would end up knocking the magic skull towards the ground and shattering it into a million pieces. The fall caused a burst of light that filled the room, when Amanda finally regained her eyesight she found herself as a perfect copy of her cousin, Ryan.

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