Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pissed off

"I can't wear it like this right?" Anthony's Snapachat read.

"When I get my body back I'm going to kill that dick of a brother," Chelsea said between her borrowed teeth.

Chelsea was supposed to be on her final spring break trip with her besties, but instead she was trapped in the body of her stupid high school brother instead. She wanted to punch him in the face so badly but he was thousands of miles away from her home in Seattle at South by Southwest in Austin, TX. He kept on sending her snap after snap of his time in Austin, from the concerts to doing shots with her friends. There were even a few of them hanging out backstage with indie bands, a few with him making out with the members of each band!

She was pissed, she was pissed she fell for his stupid ring he bought as a sign of "sibling love," pissed that he was having the time of her life for her, and pissed he stole months of planning and saving at the cost of two stupid rings he found on eBay.

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