Monday, April 4, 2016


"I want to suck the fuck out of your tits!" Jan (bottom) moaned.

"First you got to catch them," the mysterious girl taunted.

Coming out of the closet was hard for Jan, it took her six boyfriends and a fiance to finally realize men were not her preference. By her side the entire time stood Rommel, her best friend who was notoriously friend-zoned since they first met back in the third grade. He always found her cute, but never found the courage to ask her out, she was just too pretty and smart for his average looks and his awkward behavior to even have a chance (although she did find it cute, but not in the relationship kind of way). Instead he would just be the friend who grabbed drinks with her after he left the biolab he worked at, just a few blocks aware from their favorite bar.

Finally when she left her fiance, Paul, six months ago Rommel figured that this was the time to show her that the man who really loved her had been by her side all along, only to find out even to his surprise that she had given up on men. "I only stuck with them because it's all I knew," she told him over a beer that night, "but what I should have known is that what I really knew more about were women."

Heart broken and defeated, Rommel left the bar. He lost his chance, well until one lucky night a strange accident at the lab changed him, well gave him the ability to change himself. Due to a random mutation he gained the ability to shapeshift into any human form. Since then he had been hooking up with his best friend as many different women over and over again for the past six months. Meanwhile Jan had no idea.

"You've got to the sexiest girl I've ever slept with," Jan said gazing the girl above her, "what was your name again?"

"Sarah," Rommel grinned while gazing deeply into his crush's eyes.

"Let's do this again sometime."

"Oh," Rommel said while caressing Jan's cheek, "this is far from the beginning."


  1. Love this cap. Please make this into a series having Rommel use many different forms to seduce Jan.

  2. Thanks so much i love what you did more pls if you donf mind


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