Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Agents of S.H.I.F.T. - The Infiltrator

Avery dashed across the floor, gliding around every turn like a speed skater. Behind him were ten armed men, four of which he knocked unconscious. The mission was supposed to be a simple in and out, but something went wrong.

Interpol had gathered intelligence that Meridian Labs was producing a bioweapon capable of hiding in the body for months before becoming malicious and killing the host in hours of activation. A perfect bioweapon if fallen into the wrong hands. They had been keeping it secret, and when exposed shrugged it off as an experiment on pathogens and their behavior. After the legal attack failed Interpol turned to SHIFT to take care of the dirty work.

Special Agent Avery was assigned this one. Avery was skilled in all forms of combat in all body types, from the agile petite woman (above) to sumo wrestling, nothing was out of reach for the agent. The agent's diverse skill set was so diverse that Avery was given a suit called the Morph Suit that cut the transformation time down to a few split seconds, a normal shapeshifter would take a few seconds to minutes depending on difference in the form, but not with a Morph Suit.

Avery's assignment was easy: get into the conference room of Meridian Labs and plant hidden mics and cameras so that Interpol could get hard evidence on the company. Standard walk in the park mission, especially for an agent like Avery. What wasn't accounted for was the increased security measures implemented by Meridian during the legal investigation.

The special agent didn't even get past the first floor when the alarms went off. Armed guards dashed down the hallway towards the agent, who at the time was wearing the body of a older male guard. Somehow Meridian's security could detect shapeshifters.

"Freeze!!!" A guard shouted.

Avery's hands went up, playing along with the guard.

"No sudden movement," the guard approached him. The remaining nine stood behind him, guns pointed.

Once the guard pulled out his handcuffs Avery morphed his body from the elderly man into that of a two-hundred-and-twenty pound MMA fighter's and slammed his first into the guard's jaw. Avery put so much force into the punch that the guard flew backwards towards his squad.

"What the fuck?" A guard trembled.

"Fire!" Another shouted.

Avery morphed into a petite female acrobat and tumbled towards the guards. Moving between that form and the fighter's the agent put three more guards to sleep.

"Backup, somebody send backup!" A guard shouted into his radio.

"Good luck with catching me," Avery taunted. The shifter shifted into his favorite get away form and began dashing down the hallways.

Avery might have escaped the battle, but the agent had a lot of explaining to the higher ups on exactly how Meridian could detected shapeshifters. Something wasn't right....

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