Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Martin had the ability to possess anybody he wanted for up to three hours a time, one of his favorite places to use his ability at were concerts. Concerts were easy, everybody was dancing and having a great time, and the chances were somebody was wasted on something, so hey free booze or drugs! He eyed a girl across the dance floor who looked like she was having the most fun out of everybody there, he closed his eyes and instantly he felt her breast bouncing to the beat. The bass was flowing all the way through his new body, he felt like he and the song were one.

He opened his eyes and the world was full of vivid and unimaginable colors, he loved everyone there, and he loved his temporary body for knowing how to have a great time. She was rolling hard, and he was ready for the ride. Now he just had to find some guy or girl to treat him like the woman he is and how to love!

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