Tuesday, April 19, 2016

FOSE Strikes Again!

"Woah, what the fuck? Where am I?" Stephen said with his new female voice. "And why do I sound like a woman?"

The former man had been struck by the FOSE while at work on a logo for an app. Stephen worked as a freelance graphic designer by day, but to make ends meet he would spend some weekend nights as a male stripper at bachelorette parties. It paid well, better than his career as an artist, but he would never do it full time.

Now he was laying in bed in a different house in a different body of the opposite sex. On the laptop were a set Facebook photos of him at a party, half naked and dancing on top of a coffee table while women cheered him on. Must have been a private party, he had done so many that everything blurred together at this point. In it his abs were glistening from all the oil, his pecks were so bold and strong, and his face so chiseled and masculine, and don't even get him started about his eyes... Stephen's new crotch began to tingle.

"Fuck," he blurted, "was I just getting turned on by myself?" That was when he noticed his right hand was wet, everything was beginning to make sense now. The FOSE had hit her and him. As a stripper you were warned about this, they weren't common but when the FOSE strikes you, it's best to be prepared. There was a girl a part of their group, Mckayla, who wounded up in the body of some guy from a bachelor party she was at a year ago! He kept on stripping in her body afterwards full time this time, dropping out of all her nursing classes, because it's good money. Plus it didn't seem like he didn't have much confidence before the FOSE. Now Stephen was on that side.

He gazed into his eyes of his former body on the screen, his new vagina heated up. "Fuck it," he said, "I did make a pretty sexy man. Maybe I should have taken this job full time. Plus, maybe if I orgasm just right I might be able to reverse this."

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