Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ruining the Moment

"Harder, harder harder!" Tim moaned.

"I'm working it as good as I can," the man mounting Tim said. "Push Angela's boobs a little closer to help out."

"Like this," Tim pushed his new breast as tight as he could.

"Yeah man, that's the magic right there!" The man said.

The past few days had been a wild ride for Tim. One day he was his usual male self attending school like your usual high schooler, most of the time he was too busy studying for class to chase girls. His parents wanted him to get into a good school, unlike his "disappointing" (there words, not his) older sister, Angela, who flunked out of university and had to move back home within one semester. Then one day a Freaky Friday moment happened, swapping his sister and his bodies.

In the process he not only inherited her terrible GPA along with her body, but also her sex drive, and she had one that went through the roof! Suddenly his best friend Stephen was somebody he desired, somebody he wanted to be more than just friends with. Not even within a week of the swap he decided to come clean to Stephen about the swap, not thirty minutes later Tim was being tit fucked by his best friend.

"Just remember," Tim said, "please don't cum until-"

At that moment Stephen's cum launched directly into Tim's face. The shock instantly turned Tim off like a light switch.

"Ahhhh," Stephen sighed in relief, "that felt great!"

"Great?" Tim said wiping the white gunk off his face, "You just completely ruined the moment!"

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