Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Oh no!

"Oh no, Angela is biting my breast!" Keith exclaimed, catching his sister's eyes upstairs in his old room. "Please save me, save me from this dreadful life."

A few days ago Keith swapped his body with his sister Erika's thanks to the magic remote he found at a thrift store. After the deed was done he hid the remote far far away from the house.

Erika was pissed, but all what Keith could do smile with a stupid grin on his sister's face. The grin she would always give Keith when she deceived him. The two twins were always at it with each other, Erika would steal his laptop, Keith would steal her towels while she sung in the shower, Erika would put his hands in water so he would wet the bed, and now Keith stole her body.... and her girlfriend Angela.

"I know how I can save you from it," Angela whispered into Keith's ear.

"Oh tell me how bae," Keith whispered back.

"Like this," Angela began kissing Keith's borrowed lips. Keith felt his sister's body pull his hands towards Angela's breast. The two began going at it in the pool chair. All what Erika could do upstairs was watch in disgust. One of these days she would find his remote, and when she did he would pay bit time.

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