Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Boss is Out

"Uhh, Misses Hale are you sure you want to be dressed that way during a day as important as today?" Stephanie, her personal assistant said.

"Why wouldn't I?" Stephanie's boss said, "Especially with boobies like these!"

She began groping her own breast right in front of Stephanie.

"Want to give them a touch?" Misses Hale asked her assistant, "You don't have to though since you already got your own."

"No thank you, what's gotten into you today Amanda, I mean Misses Hale!? Do you not remember that today is the day of our acquisition of our rival company LAB Tech, the company you built Hale Laboratories from the ground up to take on? Not to mention, today's the fifth year anniversary of Hale Labs, why the fuck are you acting like an thirteen year old boy?" Stephanie cupped her hands over her mouth, "So sorry Misses Hale, I didn't mean to curse."

What Stephanie didn't know was that she was right about her boss acting like a thirteen year old boy, because she was a thirteen year old boy, on the inside. Inside of the powerful woman's body a woman who recently was featured on Forbes Magazine's 40 Under 40, inside the body of one of the most brilliant business women of the 21st century, and loving mother, was the mind of her thirteen year old nephew Charles.

Earlier that morning Amanda's older sister came by to drop her son, Charles, off for the day. After her sister left Charles pulled a strange device out of his backpack. It was a strange remote like device.

"Oh my," Amanda said, "what do you have there?"

"An invention," Charles exclaimed, "I want to be an inventor just like you so I made this!"

"And what exactly does it do?"

"You'll see!" Charles said pressing a big blue button on the device. The next moment Charles' body collapsed as an exciting Amanda got out of her chair.

"And now I can do whatever I want!" Charles said with Amanda's lips. He picked up the unconscious Amanda in his body and rested her on the couch in his new office.

That brings us back to where we left off.

"Are you sure you don't want to touch them?" Charles asked ignoring Stephanie's comment, "Mine are a lot bigger than yours."

"Please Misses Hale, Larry, the CEO of LAB Tech will be here any minute."

"Hmm," Charles said, "I wonder if Larry would like a touch too."

"Forget about it!" Stephanie shouted and walked out, "Get back with me when you find your mind again."

"About time," Charles said spinning his chair back to the monitor, "now back to watching some porn as a woman!" His new hands inched further down between his legs.

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