Monday, April 18, 2016

Out of Town

Hey everybody, YourBoobsMyBody here! As you might notice from the background, I am currently out of town for the week, I've been assigned to go out of town to talk serious business for my company, but it hasn't stopped me from doing my side gig. It's 6am here and before my meeting at 8 I thought I'd give you amazing fans a little show.

Who is this girl? You might ask, honestly, like most girls I shift into, I'm not really sure what her real name is. What I do know is that she was sitting next to me on the plane and was the kind of person who orders a cranberry juice and vodka on a Sunday morning, She was dressed pretty professional though, but I knew she was hiding something amazing underneath. So my gift to you, you beautiful fans, is a little dance as the girl on the plane.

(I haven't worn tits so perfect in a long time)

1 comment:

  1. These types of caps are great. Would love to see you shift into many more women.


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