Wednesday, April 6, 2016


"Now this is the life!" Brad (right) said stretching his feminine arms, "no work, no stupid customers, no ex-girlfriend sending me sobby texts, and views as beautiful as the ocean." He said eyeing the girl next to him.

"Awe you're too sweet," Gary (left) teased, "but unfortunately I'm taken." He said pointing to the ring on his left right finger. "Plus I love my fiance's cock."

"Hmm, speaking of cock," Brad said eyeing a hunky guy running by. "How quickly do you think I can get him inside me?"

"Dude, you're like the straightest guy I know. You've slept with how many girls, including this body? What's the matter, tired of pussy?"

"Nah man, I just need a vacation," Brad said standing up, "and you've given me the greatest one yet." He began making his way towards the guy, his breast jiggling beneath his bikini at every step.

Brad and Gary were best friends. Brad, had recently been through a tough break up and was feeling down in the dumps about everything. Wanting to help a friend out Brad convinced his fiancee to allow Gary to join them on their annual trip to Exchange Island. After arriving Gary ended up in the body of Jill, his fiancee, and Brad wound up as a busty girl. He took swap surprisingly well, so well that five minutes after leaving Gary he was getting his brain fucked out behind the bathroom!

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