Monday, April 25, 2016

This is Alright

"This is alright," Kevin said drinking his morning screwdriver, and he wasn't talking about the screwdriver.

A week ago Bianca, Kevin's next door neighbor, stole his body and his girlfriend with it. Kevin's mom was friend with Bianca, the two would converse over red wine and a chick flick every Thursday night, and every Thursday night Kevin would catch Bianca checking him out. Like any teen boy he found it flattering that a girl was checking him out, but Bianca made it a little weird, and it wasn't their age difference.

She eyed him with envy, like he had something she didn't have. A week ago she swapped their bodies.

Kevin was stunned by the swap. Not only was he robbed of his manhood but at least 17 years of his life was stolen now that he was 34. The first few days put him in utter shock, and he hardly left the bed.

When he went to confront Bianca about the swap she confessed she did it because she was bored of lounging around all day as a trophy wife, and she would give him back his body once she grew bored of it. He couldn't believe it, then he discovered alcohol.

Today marked the one week anniversary of the swap, and Kevin was on his third screwdriver of the morning.

"Now time to find some porn a my vibrator," Kevin said gulping down his cocktail. "This is going to be another great day!"

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