Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Student Bodies

Another request! This one is from anonymous on my main request page
"Woah Jessica I didn't expect you to be so, so..." Alex stumbled.

"So what?" Jessica said in a teasing voice.

"So fucking hot!"

"Oh why would you ever think that Alex Donizetti?" The girl asked while caressing his bicep.

"It's just that in class you've always been so reserved and focused on passing. And how did you know my last name?"
Jessica wasn't Jessica today. Inside the hot co-ed's body resided the mind of Doctor Felix Oswald PhD. A professor of psychology at their university. Jessica, one of the many prideful straight A students in his class, was struggling on the borderline between an A- or a B+. She was absolutely devastated, her parents only expected the best out of her, and getting a 4.0 GPA was the best way she could do it! One day she arrived during Dr. Oswald's office hours asking what she could asking, no begging, to be brought up to an A in his physic 101 class. "Isn't the Delta Kappa Delta toga party happening this weekend?" He asked politely.

"Yes it is, but I don't see how this is important." Jessica said.

"It's very important alright," Felix said locking his eyes with hers, "believe it or not, but I haven't been to their toga party since your mom was around your age."

"What exactly do you mean?" Jessica asked.

"I mean I would love to get an invitation, but unfortunately I'm-"

"Old..." Jessica interrupted.

"A professor," Felix corrected her. "But I have a special ability that, if you let me use it on you, will allow me to attend and I will guarantee you will never ever get below an A in my class. Hell you could skip class for the rest of the semester and I wouldn't care."

"And that it?"

"I'm a body hopper," he grinned, "let me borrow your body. Just for the party."
"Just a guess silly," Felix said with Jessica's vocal chords, "now how about we go back to my room and I'll show you how focused I really am?" He took Alex by his arm and guided the young man upstairs. 


  1. Cool! Will this also be a series like inside jessica nigri?

    1. It definitely could be! My mind did wander a lot of all the possibilities while writing this story.

    2. Great news yourboobs :) Am excited to see more student bodies!


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